Selection and analysis of material for boiler tube and pipes in a steam plant

Apr. 09, 2018

The problems of a material selection for making the boiler tube and pipes in a responsible steam plant and the technology for their welding. The boiler is screened, complex, radiating energetic plant, with the natural water circulation in the hanging steel structure. Based on the legal regulations, the mandatory periodic reparation of the most important components is performed. This is why the check of mechanical properties, for the used and new materials for eventual replacement and building-in was done, as well as the check of the prescribed reparation procedures. The components that were in exploitation were checked, since their properties change with time. Checking consisted of testing the tensile material properties at room and elevated temperatures, measurements of hardness and analysis of materials' microstructures. Besides the experimental tests, the numerical modeling and analysis of the workload of the fluid transporting pipes was conducted. In that way it was established which material is optimal for manufacturing the boiler tube and pipes.

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